Step into our other homes, the Komatsu Residences and the Lounge at West Kujo.

 Marking the second phase of the Shimaya Stays Collection, the Lounge at West Kujo serves a dual function: as a check-in and luggage storage facility for guests staying at other Shimaya homes and as serviced accommodation for longer rentals.

 This restored machiya’s proximity to Kyoto Station makes it a great base for exploring the city as well as other parts of Japan.

 Shimaya Stays’ third project, the Komatsu Residences, is located about 5 minutes away on foot from the BenTen Residences.

 Comprising 4 serviced apartments, this townhouse was aimed at furthering machiya design through the creation of communal spaces. The open-air chashitsu (tearoom) on the roof deck enables guests to experience traditional Japanese culture such as the Way of Tea and Noh in a private setting. 

 The Komatsu Residences are situated in Gion, an area convenient for restaurant- and temple-hopping as well as geisha-spotting.

Photos by Ichikawa Yasushi


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