A Bowl Full of Sky: Tea at Komatsu Residences

The tearoom in the clouds lies up a flight of stairs, beyond a blue paper door.

We hold tea gatherings there for guests staying with us as well as those who come to spend only an hour or so.

The way to the tearoom is the same for both. Leave your belongings and all that you do not need in a room below. Climb the stairs.

Many come to Tea to learn about the culture of this country. But while it is good to know how many times to turn a tea bowl, it is also good to turn to those around you, to take notice of them, and to turn your attention to the wood, to the sun and shadow, and to the vessels that were once simply earth, metal or stone.

This is a rest different from the kind to be found in a comfortable bed. Both are necessary, resting in sleep and resting in wakefulness.

If you would like to have tea with us, just let us know 

We’ll be waiting for you in the sky, just beyond the blue door at the top of the stairs.


Photos by Ichikawa Yasushi & Nakayama Fukutaro

Shimaya Stays Kyoto Japanese Tea Ceremony - Open-air tea gathering at rooftop of Komatsu Residences
Shimaya Stays Kyoto Japanese Tea Ceremony - door to tea gathering space
Kyoto Komatsu Residences - tea gathering in rooftop space